Miscellaneous And Specialty

Miscellaneous And Specialty
Miscellaneous And Specialty temperature sensors Include all purpose, flying lead, glass and clip styles.

Greystone Energy Miscellaneous Temperature Sensors


  • Thermistor, Precision RTD or I.C. sensing element
  • Includes both the TE200 Series Temperature Sensor as well as the TE500 Series Temperature Transmitter
  • High accuracy transmitter for any application
  • Peace of mind through reliable temperature monitoring

Featuring the HC Series Clip Sensor and the G Series Glass Temperature Sensor

The HC Series incorporates a precision temperature sensor used to monitor temperatures in a variety of applications. It comes with 6" of 22 AWG cable and a self-adhesive mounting clip which can be secured to almost any surface.

The G Series single point glass temperature sensor utilizes a precision sensor encapsulated in a 31.75mm L x 9.525mm W x 9.525 mm H (1.25" x .375" x .375") Aluminum probe. Standard wire length is 600 mm (24"). All probes are constructed to provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and are potted to resist moisture penetration. It is available with a variety of enclosures.