Onicon F-1200 Series


F-1200 Series
Turbine Flow Meters are suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 2½ to 72 inches. Patented Dual Turbine Meters provide partial compensation for irregular flow conditions caused by inadequate straight pipe runs.

Standard Features

Highly Accurate
NIST traceable factory calibration performed on every meter, within ±0.5% of reading accuracy at the calibrated (typical) flow velocity and within ±1-2% of reading over a 50:1 flow range. ONICON's price vs. performance is unmatched. 

Unequaled Operating Range 
Provides repeatable flow data over a 175:1 turndown from 0.17 to 30 ft/s. 

Excellent Long-Term Reliability
Patented non-magnetic impedance sensing method, low mass non-metallic turbines with sapphire jewel bearings and tungsten carbide shafts provide a mechanical system that virtually does not wear. 

Simplified Hot Tap Insertion Design 
Integral HOT-TAP design is standard for all insertion meters and allows installation and removal without system shutdown. Meters can be removed and reinserted by hand without special tools. 

Integral Conditioned Outputs 
Electronics enclosure includes integral conditioned output circuitry for ease of installation. Analog output models include both 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC signals. 
Isolated-analog, dry contact switch and frequency outputs are also available. 

Typical Applications 
ONICON F-1200 Series Insertion type flow meters are designed to work in pipe sizes ranging from 2½ to 72 inches in diameter. The F-1200 Series flow meters employ our patented dual turbine technology to deliver highly accurate flow data even when installed in straight pipe runs that are too short to establish a fully developed flow profile. The F-1200 Series meters are ideal for central plant applications where short pipe runs are common.

Typical uses for the F-1200 Series Meter include: chilled water, hot water, condenser water, domestic water, process cooling, steam condensate and brine.


F-1200 Series Product Selection Guide



Product Information
Dual Turbine Insertion Flow Meter with frequency output - provides a high-resolution frequency output for connection to an ONICON Display or BTU Meter.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  273KB)
Dual Turbine Insertion Flow Meter with analog output - provides 4-20 mA & 0-10 V analog outputs.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  273KB)
Dual Turbine Insertion Flow Meter with isolated analog output - provides isolated 4-20 mA & 0-10 V analog outputs.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  270KB)
Dual Turbine Insertion Flow Meter with divided output - provides a conditioned binary/digital output signal corresponding to flow rate.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  270KB)
Dual Turbine Insertion Flow Meter with scaled output - provides a scaled binary/digital output for flow totalization.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  270KB)
D-100 Series
Totalizing Flow Display with network interface designed for use with any ONICON flow meter.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  270KB)
D-1200 Series
Display Module Series for F-1200 Series Flow Meters.
Catalog Sheet
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