Inline Turbine Flow Meters


F-1300 Series
F-1300 Series Inline Turbine Flow Meters are available with fittings for pipe sizes of ¾" and 1". Inline flow meters provide an effective low cost option for measuring flow in small pipes.

Standard Features

Highly Accurate
NIST traceable factory calibration performed on every meter, within ±0.5% of reading accuracy at the calibrated (typical) flow velocity and within ±2% of reading over a 50:1 flow range. ONICON's price vs. performance ratio is unparalleled.

Unequaled Operating Range
Provides repeatable flow data over a 175:1 turndown from 0.17 to 30 ft/s.

Excellent Long-Term Reliability
Patented non-magnetic impedance sensing method, low mass non-metallic turbines with sapphire jewel bearings and tungsten carbide shafts provide a mechanical system that virtually does not wear.

Integral Conditioned Outputs
Electronics enclosure includes integral conditioned output circuitry for ease of installation. Analog output models include both 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC signals. Isolated-analog, dry contact switch and frequency outputs are also available.

Typical Applications
ONICON F-1300 Series Inline Flow Meters are designed to work in pipes of ¾" and 1" in diameter. The F-1300 Series Flow Meters deliver highly accurate flow data when installed with enough of a straight pipe run to establish a fully developed flow profile.

Typical uses for the F-1300 Series Meters include: chilled water, hot water, condenser water, domestic water, process cooling, steam condensate and brine.

F-1300 Series Product Selection Guide

Model Number
Product Information
Inline Turbine Flow Meter with frequency output - provides a
high-resolution frequency output for connection to an ONICON Display or BTU Meter.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  147KB)
Inline Turbine Flow Meter with analog output - provides 4-20 mA &
0-10 V analog outputs.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  147KB)
Inline Turbine Flow Meter with isolated analog output - provides isolated 4-20 mA & 0-10 V analog outputs.  
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  147KB)
Inline Turbine Flow Meter with divided output - provides a conditioned binary/digital output signal corresponding to flow rate.  
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  147KB)
Inline Turbine Flow Meter with scaled output - provides a scaled binary/digital output for flow totalization.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF,  147KB)
D-100 Series
Totalizing Flow Display with network interface designed for use with any ONICON Flow Meter.
Catalog Sheet
D-1200 Series
Display Module Series for F-1300 Series Flow Meters.
Catalog Sheet
(.PDF, 145KB)


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