Flow Display


Flow Displays

ONICON offers a variety of flow displays for almost any application. Flow displays are provided with easy to read indicators that are programmed to display both rate and total data. ONICON flow displays are housed in rugged steel wall mount enclosures and each contains an internal power supply for powering the meter.




The D-100 is a totalizing display for liquid, gas or steam flow rate and total data. It can also be provided with a network interface for BACnet, MODBUS, LON, JCI-N2 or Siemens-P1 networks. The flexible design can also transmit auxiliary analog and pulse data to the network.


D-1200 Series displays are designed to provide a local indication of flow rate and total data for ONICON turbine meters. The D-1200 is a modular design that can provide indicators for multiple flow meters in the same enclosure.


DB-1200 Series displays provide a local indication of flow rate and total data for ONICON 
bi-directional turbine meters. They also include large, bright, easy-to-see flow direction indicators.

D-2100 The D-2100 Series displays provide a remote indication of flow rate and/or total for ONICON F-2000 series vortex meters. The D-2100 can also provide power to operate the F-2000 series flow meter.
D-1400 The D-1400 portable display is a hand held, battery operated display that is designed to operate with specially modified ONICON single and dual turbine flow meters. The D-1400 is designed for temporary use without sacrificing accuracy. It is an ideal diagnostic tool for troubleshooting flow anomalies.